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Customized 201 304 stainless steel claw nut butterfly nut ingot nut

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: copper hollow eyelet button rivets, 1.25 teeth, flat bottom isolation column rivets, hexagonal high-strength screws, oxidized multi-color, large round head square neck bolts, cap locking through holes, Storage box nuts, wholesale stainless steel, countersunk head Phillips screws, HTS support columns, welding nut columns, extended full threaded screws, camera screws, flat cup black countersunk head socket head socket bolts and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications , the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Material broadcast Cross recessed screws are made of iron and stainless steel. Iron cross recessed screws are also called carbon steel screws. Stainless steel cross recessed screws include stainless steel SUS201 and stainless steel SUS304, and stainless steel SUS316 cross recessed screws.

Customized 201

screw generally includes a screw head, a screw part and a screw tail. In the traditional screw processing, the screw head and the screw part are punched out first, and then the threaded part is processed on the screw shank through the turning process. When the screw head is traditionally punched, the screw head is easily damaged due to the large punching force.

304 stainless steel

Claw Nut

The rod end of the ceramic production equipment is installed with the rod shaft, and then fixed by the cylindrical pin. At present, it is purely manual installation. It is impossible to ensure that the cylindrical pin is kept horizontal during the installation process, and the installation pressure of the cylindrical pin cannot be sensed. The pressure is too large. Cracks in the rollers, too low pressure, and easy loosening of the metal cap; it is impossible to install three or more cylindrical pins at the same time, and it is difficult to align the cylindrical pins with the pin holes of the cylindrical pins, resulting in low efficiency.

wing nut

T-bolt with a spring, used for undercutting the opening of the outer closed cavity, including a head and a rod part connected in one piece, and also including a strip spacer, a spring and a pull rod, and the length of the strip spacer is greater than The opening, the connecting part of the head and the rod part are set as polygonal anti-rotation blocks, and the strip-shaped spacer is provided with anti-rotation holes for inserting the anti-rotation blocks, and the shape and size of the anti-rotation holes are the same as The size of the anti-rotation hole is smaller than that of the head; the spring is threadedly matched with the rod part, and is fixedly connected with the pull rod, and the pull rod moves away from the rod part along the axial direction of the rod part One side of the head extends. The utility model can be easily and reliably buckled in the opening of the airtight cavity, thereby facilitating the installation and connection of external parts.

Ingot nut

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