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Customized 304 half hexagonal blind hole rivet nut flat head small countersunk head half hexagonal rivet nut 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: stainless steel 304 screws, lock screws, double-way hexagonal isolation column nuts, zinc-irradiated photovoltaic bolts, sheep's eye screws, DIN928 square welding nuts, blue / blue white zinc industrial aluminum Profile accessories square nuts, double lug stop washers, GB85 bolts, installation nails, A-grade hexagon bolts, hardware precision hand-tightened nuts, hexagonal screws, set bolts and extension screws, black hexagonal cap nuts and other fasteners, due to the product The materials and specifications are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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However, due to a radial external tension, the external tension is caused by the tightening axial force generated by the tightening torque, and the phenomenon of open ring expansion occurs, and the spring washer often breaks due to hydrogen embrittlement. The nut exerts uneven pressure on the flat washer through the spring washer. And the friction coefficient between the spring washer and the nut and the flat washer is very small, and the phenomenon of vibration, rotation and relaxation occurs.

Customized 304 half hexagonal blind hole

The square nut is a fastener that needs to be used in the installation of the cable tray. In the prior art, the square nut 1 is pressed by the elastic force of the spring 2 below it and the opening of the C-shaped steel 3 (as shown in Figure 1, Figure 2), in the absence of external force, through the interaction of pressure and static friction, the C-shaped steel 3 will not move vertically or horizontally, which can facilitate engineering installation. The advantage of this installation method is that it can slide anywhere on the C-shaped steel 3, but the disadvantage is that it occupies the bottom space of the C-shaped steel 3, and the spring 2 will interfere with the installation hole of the square nut I, which affects the installation.

rivet nut

Flat head small countersunk head

Subway tunnels can be divided into rectangular, arched, circular, and elliptical end face forms according to the section shape of the section tunnel. The rectangular end face can be divided into single-span, double-span and multi-span types. There are two types of circles. The subway tunnel needs to install electromechanical equipment through bolts, insert T-shaped bolts into the preset holes on the shield plate of the subway tunnel, and then cast and fix it. The bolts are smooth and the contact surface is small. The bolts installed in the shield plate are easy to fall off, causing the installed equipment to fall and damage or causing losses to pedestrians or vehicles passing in the tunnel. Therefore, it is necessary to further improve the current bolts.

Half hex rivet nuts

A medical self-locking screw, wherein the medical self-locking screw is composed of an outer screw and an inner screw, the outer screw includes a fixedly connected fitting body and the front part of the outer screw, and the front part of the outer screw includes a fixed connection The outer screw rod body and the outer screw head are provided with fixed external threads on the periphery of the outer screw rod body, and a backstop ring is provided on the periphery of the matching body;


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