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Production of 304 stainless steel lifting lug marine lifting ring screw nut lifting ring nut ring nut

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: double-headed screws, large-end retractable rod round nut, carbon steel national standard round nut, GB812 non-return nut, carbon steel step bolt, semi-single tube hollow rivet, large hole flat Fasteners such as washers, open mesons, hexagonal three-combination bolts, light metal texture, super long bolts, mechanical hexagonal bolts, 304 countersunk head screws and nuts, flat round head screws, double lug washers, etc., due to different product materials and specifications , the price is also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Yueluo provides a thin-plate rivet method, which includes the following steps: providing a metal thin plate, a rivet and a thin-plate rivet fixture, the outer edge of the rivet is provided with an engaging structure, and the thin-plate rivet fixture includes a rivet head and a thin plate rivet fixture. The riveting head has a convex rib on the surface of the rivet head; a riveting hole is formed in the thin metal; The two sides of the metal sheet are extruded so that the protruding ribs are embedded in the metal sheet, so that the metal sheet is deformed, and the inner edge of the rivet hole shrinks inward to fix the occlusal structure.

Production of 304 stainless steel

Generally, the T-bolt structure is common, and its blank shape can be completed at one time on a multi-station cold heading machine. But for T-bolts with relatively rare structures, (for example: the intersection of ¢14x42 cylinder (head) + ¢12 cylinder, the two cylinders form a 90° intersection) due to the special structure, the head Cold forming is difficult, and the traditional processing route is: die casting blank → deburring → turning processing → grinding blank diameter → wire rolling → heat treatment → surface treatment → finished product packaging.

hanging lugs

Marine eyebolts

Such flat gaskets typically include passage openings for fluids through which fluid can flow from one side of the flat gasket to the other side of the flat gasket. In addition, functional elements may be inserted into such passage openings, eg valve elements blocking passage in one direction, or orifice elements defining passage in one or both directions.

Female eye nut

The research on rivet nuts started in the 1970s in my country and is still in the design and development stage. In the mid-1980s, equipment for the production of blind rivets was introduced from abroad, but no rivet nut has been produced so far. After the inventor's search, no low-carbon steel rivet nut was found to be publicly used.

ring nut

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