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Processing nylon flange self-locking nut flange metal self-locking nut anti-loose locking nut 5/8 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: full-tooth hex screws, flat head screws, 201 spring washers, serrated lock washers, furniture splint lock nuts, hex nuts, rivets, carbon Steel dodecagon flange nut, blackened and thickened fixing washer, flat washer spring washer combination screw, 65 manganese galvanized fastening nut, set flat washer spring washer combination hexagon nut, internal and external thread screw nut, ledger screw butt nut, Blue and white pressure riveting nuts and other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if you need, please contact us.

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Bolt and nut fasteners are widely used fasteners, which can be used in mechanical products as well as daily craft industrial products, such as plastic packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes, paper packaging boxes, paper packaging boxes, etc. . When bolt and nut fasteners are used in daily craft industrial products, the requirements for the degree of tightening are generally low, but they are required to be easy to install and use. When assembling the existing bolt and nut fasteners, it is generally necessary to manually twist the bolt or the nut several times until the two are tightened, which takes time and causes inconvenience in daily life. Lower, it is manifested as an increase in labor costs. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The main purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a bolt and nut fastener that is easy to install in view of the above-mentioned deficiencies of the prior art. The two are assembled and fastened, which is convenient to use.

Machined nylon flange self-locking nuts

The core rivet is another type of single-sided riveting. When riveting, the head of the rivet is hit with a hammer to expose the core, so that it is flush with the end face of the nail head, that is, the riveting operation is completed, which is very convenient, especially suitable for inconvenient Riveting occasions using ordinary rivets (which must be riveted from both sides) or blind rivets (lack of a rivet gun). Usually use flat head rivets, countersunk head rivets are suitable for occasions where smooth riveting is required on the surface.

Flange metal self-locking nut

Lock Nut

In order to achieve the above purpose, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides the following technical solutions: an anti-drop screw structure, including a connecting bolt and a fastening screw, the connecting bolt includes a connecting screw and a connecting nut, one end of the connecting screw It is integrally connected with the connecting nut, the surface of the connecting screw is provided with an external thread, the connecting bolt is movably mounted with a matching nut, the matching nut and the connecting bolt are connected by thread, and the interior of the connecting screw is provided There is a screw hole along the axis of the connecting screw. The connecting screw is provided with a number of slots along the axis. The slot extends into the screw hole. The screw hole is provided with an internal thread, and the screw hole is movable in the screw hole. A tightening screw is installed, the tightening screw includes a tightening screw and a tightening nut, one end of the tightening screw is integrally connected with the tightening nut, and the tightening screw is connected to the tightening nut through a screw hole Bolted thread connection.


The cylindrical pin magnetic positioning automatic press-in mechanism includes a base, a guide block is arranged on the base, one end of the guide block is provided with a guide vertical plate, and a push-up column is arranged under the end, and the push-up column is connected with a driving mechanism to drive The mechanism is arranged inside the guide vertical plate; one side of the guide block is provided with a push plate, the end of the push plate is provided with a semicircular groove, the push plate is connected to the driving mechanism, and the driving mechanism is arranged on the base The other side of the guide block is provided with a workbench located on the base, an error-proof positioning mechanism is arranged above the workbench, a press-in mechanism is arranged above the error-proof positioning mechanism, and one side of the error-proof positioning mechanism is provided. There is an error-proof detection mechanism; the press-in mechanism includes a punch, a punch block and an upper template arranged in sequence from bottom to top, and the upper template is driven and connected with five driving mechanisms; the error-proof detection mechanism includes a fixed angle plate, a fixed angle The plate is arranged on the worktable, and the fixed angle plate is provided with a four-drive mechanism, and the four-drive mechanism is connected to the detection head.


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