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Production of 8.8 grade hot dip galvanized hexagon nuts hot dip galvanized nuts 3/4 1/4-20

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: round head small nuts, metric nuts, through-hole rivet nuts, nylon lock nuts, stainless steel 304 enlarged flat washers, toothed nuts, round head cross bolts, Chain buckle nuts, cotter pins, flat screw caps, American screws, extension bolts, heavy-duty washers, a full range of white galvanized grade 4 hex nuts, carbon steel galvanized pressure plate standoffs and other fasteners, due to the product material and Specifications vary, prices vary, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Screw, some people call it screw [Screw] (screw), screw (screw rod). In fact, the screw is a general term, and the screw and the screw rod are different from each other. Screws are generally called wood screws to fasten wooden and plastic parts. The screw rod is a machine screw (machine screw), which is the kind of flat head at the front end. The pitch is small and uniform. It is generally used to fasten metal and machine parts. With the development of society, the materials for making screws are also various, and the functions of screws are becoming more and more diverse.

Production level 8.8

The anti-rotation T-bolt includes a screw rod and a head. An anti-rotation protrusion is designed at the connection between the head and the screw. The cross-section of the anti-rotation protrusion is a square corner with the screw radius as the side length. One anti-rotation protruding shoot can be designed, or two can be designed. In order to ensure the uniform force of the bolt, two are designed.

Hot dip galvanized hex nuts

Hot dip galvanized nuts

The main operation method of the embedded knurled copper nut of the lock nut is injection molding. After heating, it is embedded into the plastic part or directly injection molded. If injection molding is used, the melting point of P/NYLOY/PET is above 200°C. , After the embedded nut is hot melted into the plastic part, the temperature rises rapidly. After injection molding, the plastic body rapidly cools and crystallizes and hardens. If the embedded nut temperature is still at a high temperature, it may fall to the place where the copper nut contacts the plastic part. Start to loosen or crack. Therefore, copper nuts are used instead of carbon steel nuts in the injection molding of embedded nuts.


The nut specification table is to unify all kinds of nuts in detail, and use the table to subdivide some specifications of the nuts. There are many types of nuts, and there are nuts of different materials. Each type of nut has different specifications, and each type of screw also has its mechanical properties and functions. · Square nut grade C GB 39-88 · Hexagonal nut grade C GB /T41-2000 · Hexagonal thick nut GB 56-88 · Wing nut GB 62-88 · Ring nut GB 63-88 · Combined cap nut GB 802 -88 · Spherical Hex Nut GB 804-88 · Fastening Nut GB 805-88 Knurled High Nut GB 806-88 · Knurled Thin Nut GB 807-88 · Small Hexagonal Extra Flat Fine Thread Nut GB 808-88 · Embedded Round nut GB 809-88 · Small round nut GB 810-88 · Round nut GB 812-88 End hole round nut GB 815-88 · Side hole round nut GB 816-88 · Slotted round nut GB 817-88 · Type 1 non-metallic insert hexagonal lock nut GB /T 889.1-2000 · Type 1 non-metallic insert hexagonal lock nut with fine thread GB /T 889.2-2000 · Cap nut GB 923-88 · Type 1 hexagonal nut GB / T 6170-2000 · Type 1 Hexagonal Nuts with Fine Thread GB /T 6171-2000 · Hexagonal Thin Nuts GB /T 6172.1-2000 · Non-metallic Insert Hexagonal Locking Thin Nuts GB /T 6072.2-2000 · Hexagonal Thin Nuts with Fine Pitch GB /T 6173-2000 · Hexagonal thin nuts without chamfer GB /T 6174-2000 · Type 2 hexagon nuts GB /T 6175-2000 · Type 2 hexagon nuts with fine pitch GB /T 6176-2000 · Hexagon flange nuts GB / T 6177.1-2000 · Hexagon flange face nuts with fine pitch GB /T 6177.2-2000 · Type 1 hexagon slotted nut - Grade A and B GB 6178-86 · Type 1 hexagon slotted nut - Grade C GB 6179-86 · 2 Type Hexagonal Slotted Nuts-A and B Grades GB 6180-86 Hexagonal Slotted Thin Nuts-A and B Grades GB 6181-86 Type 2 Non-metallic Insert Hexagonal Lock Nuts GB/T 6182-2000 Non-metallic Inserts Hexagon flange face lock nuts for non-metal inserts GB /T 6183.1-2000 · Non-metallic insert hexagonal flange face lock nuts with fine thread GB /T 6183.2-2000 · Type 1 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts GB /T 6184-2000 · Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut GB /T 6185.1-2000 · Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut fine pitch GB /T 6185.2-2000 · Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nut Grade 9 GB /T 6186-2000 · Full Metal Hexagon Flange Face Lock Nuts GB /T 6187.1-2000 · All Metal Six Angle flange face locking nut fine pitch GB /T 6187.2-2000 · Type 1 hexagon slotted nut with fine pitch A and B grades GB 9457-88 · Type 2 hexagonal slotted nut with fine pitch A and B grade GB 9458-88 · Hexagonal Slotted Thin Nut Fine Thread Grade A and B GB 9459-88 · Welded Square Nut GB /T 13680-92 · Welded Hexagonal Nut GB /T 13681-92 · Flat Head Rivet Nut GB /T 17880.1-1999 · Countersunk Head Rivet Nut GB /T 17880.2-1999 · Small countersunk head rivet nuts GB /T 17880.3-1999 · 120° small countersunk head rivet nuts GB /T 17880.4-1999 · Flat head hexagonal rivet nuts GB /T 17880.5-1999 · Hexagonal nuts for precision machinery GB /T 18195-2000


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