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Supply Grade 8 White Plated Nut High Strength Nut Galvanized Screw Nut

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: Hexagonal Weld Nuts, professionally produced by Dongguan Yueluo, Phillips cup head bolts, hand-tightened knob nuts, outer diameter 5mm, nylon rubber ring nuts, cross flat head screws and nuts , Wholesale high-strength bolts, flat head hexagon socket head cap bolts, GB96 galvanized washers, ISO screws, plastic insulated hexagon socket head cap bolts, round head rivets, pan head socket head cap screws nuts, half round head socket head cap screws and other fasteners, due to The materials and specifications of the products are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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The pressure riveting nut is divided into free-cutting steel pressure riveting nut S type, stainless steel pressure riveting nut type CLS, stainless iron pressure riveting nut SP type and copper and aluminum pressure riveting nut CLA type, which should be used in different environments. . Sizes are usually from M2 to M12. There is no unified national standard for rivet nuts, and they are often used in chassis cabinets and sheet metal industries. S series, CLS series, SP series pressure riveting nuts use the internal thread as a simple method to install in precision sheet metal products, and use small and precise nuts for reliable fixing to completely process the side plate of the sheet metal. The nut is inserted into the hole of the metal plate, and the inlay strengthening function is completed by pressure. Application advantages 1. The back of the plate remains completely flat; 2. Small size and precision, suitable for all electronic or precision equipment; 3. High torque resistance; 4. Easy equipment, simple riveting; 5. Standardized serialization can meet various design requirements .

Supply Grade 8 White Plated Nuts

With the development of science and technology, the advancement of technology, the rapid change of automotive products, also put forward higher requirements for fastener products, and automotive fastener-related products, especially in the process of assembling auto parts, in order to effectively improve the bolts The fastening strength is mostly made of combined gaskets (flat gaskets, cone gaskets) and riveted nuts to meet the assembly requirements.

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M4 grounding screw used to fix the grounding wire on household appliances and other equipment, the stud is cylindrical, and the thread is perpendicular to the end (section) surface. However, the screw holes on the equipment all have tapping guide grooves for sinking and guiding due to the manufacturing process requirements. When fixing the ground wire, if the screw is not positioned accurately (the screw is inclined), the screw is pressed down hard, which is easy to cause the screw and the screw. The screw hole bites the teeth, and after biting the teeth, it is easy to cause the screw to loosen or fall off, posing a safety hazard.

Galvanized Screws

The semicircular key is a kind of key, the upper surface is a plane, the lower surface is a semicircular arc surface, the two sides are parallel, commonly known as the crescent key. It is basically the same as the flat key connection method, but it is more convenient to manufacture and disassemble than the flat key, and is especially suitable for the connection between the tapered shaft and the hub. The half-round key transmits torque on the side, but the keyway is deep, which weakens the shaft greatly. Due to the deep keyway, the bottom of the keyway is easily deformed after the shaft is heat treated. Therefore, when the semicircular key and the keyway are assembled in a transitional fit relationship, the interference between the lower part of the semicircular key and the bottom of the keyway often occurs, resulting in difficult or impossible assembly. Assembly situation. In order to solve the above technical problems, the current method is to make the thickness of the semicircular key appropriately thin, so that the semicircular key and the keyway are clearance fit, which brings about a large gap between the upper part of the semicircular key and the keyway, and the semicircular key is in operation. Difficult to locate in the keyway, affecting smooth transmission.


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