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Customized stainless steel anti-loose nut fine tooth locking nut self-locking 5/8 1/2-13

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: carriage square neck bolts, 16mm solid positioning pins, white and black PC transparent screw caps, five-pointed star bolts, round rivet nuts, DIN604 countersunk head screws, flat screw caps, thin Thread fine button nuts, claw ingot bolts, semi-circular head slotted bolts, resin washers, non-standard fasteners, stud screws, black zinc-plated anti-skid nuts, quick-connecting ring nuts and other fasteners, due to The materials and specifications of the products are different, and the prices are also different. Please contact us if you need it.

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Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Beneficial effects The commonly used nuts and bolts in the prior art are in the shape of a hexagon, the fastening surface is a regular hexagonal plane, and there are six elastic surfaces, and the adjacent elastic surfaces intersect with a straight line, and the opposite elastic surfaces are parallel to each other, In this way, the tightening operation can be easily performed with conventional tools, which is convenient and practical. However, there are some special occasions where the nuts and bolts of this structure are not suitable. Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. changed the fastening surface into a pentagon shape, and the adjacent elastic surfaces are connected by an arc angle. sex.

Customized stainless steel locknut

A T-bolt with anti-slip teeth includes a block-shaped bolt head and a screw rod, the bolt head and the screw rod are T-shaped, the screw head is provided with anti-slip teeth on the side end surface of the screw, and the screw end surface is provided with grooves ; The anti-skid teeth protrude from the side end face of the screw on the bolt head, the anti-skid teeth are strip teeth or reticulated teeth, and their cross-section is triangular; or hexagonal slot etc. The T-bolt with anti-skid teeth of the utility model can not only be quickly inserted into the T-shaped groove, but also ensure reliable connection, and the bolt does not follow the rotation during the tightening of the nut.

fine pitch lock nut


rivet automatic feeding device comprises a feeding installation frame, the upper end of the feeding installation frame is provided with a horizontally arranged receiving block mounting plate, the upper surface of the receiving block installation plate is provided with a rivet receiving block, a rivet The upper surface of the receiving block is provided with a receiving block movable groove that opens upward and completely penetrates left and right. The left movable receiving rod can be embedded in the receiving block movable groove relatively movably, and the right movable receiving rod is located on the right end side of the left movable receiving rod. The receiving rod, the right end of the left movable receiving rod is provided with a left receiving groove that opens upward, and the left end of the right movable receiving block is provided with a right receiving groove that opens upward;


Drilling screw is a new invention of people in recent years. A screw is a common term for fasteners, an everyday colloquial language. The tail of the drill tail screw is in the shape of a drill tail or a pointed tail, and no auxiliary processing is required. Drilling, tapping and locking can be directly carried out on the setting material and basic material, which greatly saves construction time. Compared with ordinary screws, its toughness and pull-out force and maintenance force are high, and it will not loosen for a long time after combination. It is easy to use safe drilling and tapping in one operation. Drill tail screw Drill tail screw use: It is a kind of screw, mainly used in the fixing of color steel tiles of steel structures, and can also be used for thin plate fixing of simple buildings. It cannot be used for metal-to-metal bonding. Materials and models The materials are iron and stainless steel, of which stainless steel is divided into various materials. Models are: Φ4.2/ Φ4.8/ Φ5.5/ Φ6.3mm, the specific length can be agreed upon request. According to the different drill tails, it can be divided into: round head rice / cross / plum blossom, countersunk head (flat head) / rice seed / cross / plum blossom, hexagonal washer, round head washer (big flat head), horn head, etc.


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