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Customized color blue and white large countersunk head vertical rivet nut pull nut 5/8

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: set full flat spring washer combination ISO7380, knock-on combination rivet, EPDM anti-skid gasket, flat end hexagon socket head screw machine meter screw, closed half round head rivet, SOOS pressure riveting Parts, step pressure riveting nut material, furniture screws, carbon steel Q235 bolts, 8-grade black thickened hexagon nuts, blue and white pressure riveting nuts, square welding nuts, screw cap 8-grade nuts, hexagon flat head bolts, screws Fasteners such as link screw caps have different prices due to different product materials and specifications. Please contact us if necessary.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

The flat gasket is a gasket whose upper and lower end faces are flat. The flat gasket used in the automobile differential is installed between the casing and the gear of the differential like the spherical gasket to reduce friction and reduce friction. Improve lubrication. The differential should accommodate severe bumps and be able to operate at high speeds for long periods of time in high and low temperature environments. Since both ends of the flat gasket currently used in the differential are smooth, or only one side end face of the flat gasket is provided with small concave points, during the high-speed operation of the differential, the flat gasket The lubrication of the contact surfaces is not ideal, and the friction between the contact surfaces is large, which is prone to failure.

Customized color blue and white

Washers are common parts that are annular or annular after compression. The existing standard washers include flat washers, spring washers, serrated lock washers, saddle washers, etc. The end faces are mostly flat or flat after compression. , so it is in surface contact with the workpiece. Generally, after the two workpieces are locked by washers, bolts and nuts, the workpieces cannot move in any direction, so as to achieve the purpose of tightening the two workpieces. In actual production, some workpieces are still required to be properly translated in a certain direction after locking. In order to achieve this requirement, the usual practice is to open a waist-shaped hole on the workpiece that needs to be moved, and the zigzag-shaped bushing is fitted with a flat washer after passing through the waist-shaped hole, as shown in FIG. The edge of the hole is located in the space enclosed by the bushing and the flat washer, and a gap is formed between the workpiece and the bushing and the flat washer, so that even if the bolt passes through the flat washer, the bushing and the workpiece in turn, it is threaded and locked with the nut. tight, the workpiece can still translate along the length of its girdle hole. Obviously, this method can achieve the requirement of proper translation of the workpiece, but the following deficiencies can still be found in the actual assembly. First, before locking, the bushing, washer and workpiece are separated from each other, so it is more inconvenient to assemble; secondly, the lining is The separation structure of the sleeve and the gasket is inconvenient to manage, and the disassembled gasket and bushing are easy to lose and affect the use again.

Big sunk head vertical stripes

rivet nut

The four corners of the bolt head of the traditional T-slot connection bolt are all rounded corners, which will make the contact area between the bolt and the T-slot too small and reduce the connection fastness, especially when used for connection. When aluminum or copper profiles are used, due to the low hardness of the material, it is more likely to cause deformation of the T-shaped groove and affect the connection effect. Furthermore, since the traditional T-bolt has no direction indicator, it is difficult for the installer to identify the installation state during installation.

Pull nut

At present, it has become very common to use automated tools to hit screws. However, when the material of the fastening object is relatively soft, the screw fastening is often prone to skew, not sticking, and the screw hole is damaged during the fastening process. Metal shavings can also be created in the shards, which can short out the board.


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