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Customized anti-loose nut blue zinc-plated self-locking nut nylon locking non-slip nut 3/4 5/8

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: extended hexagon nut, O-ring screw, claw screw, material fine thread nut, copper flat washer, multi-toothed K-shaped hexagonal flower teeth, Heavy round nut, spring washer screw, cross bolt nut, hand-tightened disc butterfly bolt, flat head bare body blind hole rivet nut, black high-strength washer, anti-loosening stop washer, blackened screw, undertake design and production of screws Other fasteners, due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Product introduction

Screw Specifications

Screw head table

Hexagon socket head cap screws are indispensable industrial necessities in daily life and have important tasks in industry. But ordinary hexagon socket head cap screws must be installed and disassembled with special tools. For ordinary users, some simple disassembly and maintenance work are often unable to be handled due to lack of tools.

Customized lock nuts

At present, in the era of industrialization, rivets used in specific occasions, automobiles, and aviation industries can only rely on professional tools and equipment to complete the riveting method.

Blue Zinc Self-Locking Nut

Nylon locking anti-skid nut

In order to achieve this purpose, the rivet nut is cold extruded from low carbon steel, the brim is cold forged, the deformed skirt is extruded in the die, and the threaded hole is extruded at the lower end of the deformed skirt. It is characterized in that it consists of a brim, a deformed skirt and a threaded hole. There are fish teeth below the brim; the outer side of the lower end of the threaded hole has a lead angle; the cross section of the thread on the inner wall of the threaded hole is an isosceles trapezoid, and the upper bottom of the trapezoid is a concave arc. Thus, the riveted object is tightly connected with the rivet nut.


The material of the second combination screw: It is decided to use the test machine to test the material of the combination screw wire, which is divided into iron and stainless steel. Iron wire is divided into 1010 wire and 1018 wire, 10B21 wire, etc., stainless steel is divided into stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 and so on. The provisions of the national label of three combination screws: Generally, those who have experience in combination screws can be separated by using the inner eye. The difference between hexagon heads. Use a caliper to measure out the three-combination screw specifications. How big is it, how long is it, how thick is the head of the combination screw, how thick is the flat washer, and what is the outer diameter of the flat washer. How many hours is the salt spray of the combination screw measured with a salt spray machine. Use the environmental test machine to test whether the three-combination screw is environmentally friendly. Still not environmentally friendly.


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