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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: inch nut, GB955 wave washer, fast bar red meson, gasket material, DIN7346 pin, zinc alloy nut, white nylon screw, the difference between spring washers and flat washers, Fasteners such as precision internal tooth lock washers, 1.25 screws, 3mm nuts, cross-border supply boat nuts, metric hexagon head flange bolts, color-plated U-bolt bolts, GB848A grade small flat gaskets, etc. There are different prices, please contact us if necessary.

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In the household and industry, when installing furniture, home appliances, electrical appliances, equipment and other objects, the objects are uneven or uneven due to the uneven bottom of the object, or because the placement surface or installation surface is uneven, or because the two surfaces are different and do not fit together. stable, produce vibration, shaking or sliding, affecting the use effect and service life. Sometimes two items need to be placed next to each other, but their surfaces cannot be in direct contact, otherwise the surfaces will be damaged. For these two cases, the common solution is to install gaskets. There are two types of gaskets: wedge and flat. The wedge-shaped gasket adjusts the actual thickness by adjusting the length of the insertion gap, but the contact surface and load-bearing surface of this method are small, and due to its wedge-shaped structure, the gasket may withdraw after being stressed for a long time. Flat gaskets are generally made from local materials, using waste paper, plastic, rubber, metal and other materials to form the required thickness by folding or stacking. Such gaskets are often not quickly assembled to the exact desired thickness, are not aesthetically pleasing, and are not reusable. The purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a product that can keep furniture, home appliances, equipment, electrical appliances and other objects horizontal, vertical or stable, prevent them from vibrating, shaking or sliding, and can provide appropriate thickness and beautiful appearance. gasket. The purpose of Yueluo is to realize a gasket that can be combined at will. The sheet 1 is provided with small holes 3 , and the connecting device 2 connects a plurality of sheets 1 together through the small holes 3 . The connecting device 2 is a rivet or a screw. The material of the sheet 1 can be plastic, metal, paper card or rubber. The gaskets provided by Yueluo can be combined at will. Multiple sheets are connected together by rivets or screws. By opening or closing the sheets, or dismantling the screws, the sheets are reassembled to obtain a combination of gaskets with different thicknesses and elasticity. The space between the installation object and the installation surface to keep the object horizontal, vertical or stable and prevent it from vibrating, shaking or sliding.

Customized 410 stainless steel

In order to meet the requirements of anti-loosening bolts of parts with small surface hardness such as plastic parts, Yueluo provides a spring washer and the installation structure of the spring washer, which can effectively reduce the damage of the spring washer to the surface of the parts. And meet the anti-loosening effect of the spring washer. The technical solution provided by Yueluo is a spring washer, which includes a washer body with at least two raised claws on the washer body

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Iron pans are traditional kitchen utensils for people to cook food. They generally do not contain toxic substances and will not oxidize. In the process of stir-frying and cooking food, there are very few dissolved substances in the iron pot. Even if there is iron dissolved out, it is also good for the human body. Cooking in the iron pot is the most direct way to supplement iron. The main types are India pot, ear pot, pan, oil pan, pancake pan. In the process of cooking dishes in an iron pan, a small amount of iron will dissolve in the food, supplement iron for people, supplement the iron-deficient part of the food itself, and play a role in preventing iron-deficiency anemia. Can increase the amount of iron in a person's diet. Therefore, as far as the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia is concerned, cooking in an iron pan is beneficial to health.

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With the development of science and technology, human construction technology has also continued to improve. In terms of tools used in construction, it is constantly innovating and bringing forth new ideas, in order to enable personnel operating on construction sites to work more safely and efficiently; among them, screws The belt has become an indispensable auxiliary tool in the construction industry, especially for those who need to operate in a more dangerous high position. With the assistance of a nailing machine and a screw belt, it is quite convenient to screw together. Locked work to improve work safety and efficiency.


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