Custom 410 stainless steel hexagonal drill tail screw drill tail self-tapping screw 3/4 1/4-20

We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: fisheye washer screws, hollow nylon circular isolation column, factory price supply, pressure riveting column SOS pressure riveting stud, DIN571 bolt, hammer nut, pressure riveting nut outer diameter 7.2SOO, iron black pin, round head Phillips screw, self-locking nut locking, UNI5721 hexagon cap nut, customized auto parts, SJ hexagon special flat fine pitch nut, fine pitch high strength hexagonal nut, with baffle nut The price of fasteners such as suits and combinations varies due to the different materials and specifications of the products. Please contact us if you need them.

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Usually, the car wheel is fixed on the axle sleeve with positioning pins and pins, and the tire hub and the sleeve are fastened on the axle with locking nuts, lock washers, and adjusting nuts. This structure can operate normally within a certain period of time when the vehicle speed is low and the vibration is small. However, when the car runs for a long time, especially when the road surface is uneven and the load changes sharply, the axle sleeve bears a great impact. Once the shear force generated is too large, the pin will break, and the nut will be loosened. Affected, the wheel and hub will be loose. If the maintenance is not timely, or the driver is inexperienced, the car will have an accident in which the tire falls off with the wheel hub. This is extremely dangerous. So people are looking for ways to prevent wheels and hubs from falling off

Custom 410 Stainless Steel

In all kinds of machines and equipment, the various parts are fixed and assembled by bolts and nuts. However, after the machine and equipment are used for a period of time, the bolts and nuts will become loose, which will bring great safety hazards to the use of the machine and equipment. For this reason, when bolts and nuts are used for connection, a spring washer is installed between the nut and the connected part. The spring washer is in the shape of a circular ring, and the ring is not closed, and is sleeved on the bolt. The addition of the spring washer has a certain anti-loosening effect, but it can only prevent the nut from rotating relative to the bolt. In the case of large vibration of the machine, the bolt will rotate relative to the connected part.

Hexagon head screw

Drill tail self-tapping screw

Screws are a common fastener widely used in machinery, electrical appliances and buildings. The general material is metal or plastic, it is cylindrical, and the grooves engraved on the surface are called threads. Due to the different units of measurement, the representation methods of various threads are also different. For example, M16-2X60 represents a metric thread. His specific meaning is that the nominal diameter of the screw is 16MM, the pitch is 2MM, and the length is 60MM. Another example: 1/4—20X3/4 means the inch thread, what he specifically means is the nominal diameter of the screw It is 1/4 inch (one inch = 25.4MM), there are 20 teeth on one inch, and the length is 3/4 inch. In addition, if you want to express American screws, UNC and UNF are usually added to the back of the British screws to distinguish between American coarse teeth or American fine teeth.


The production of non-standard round flat pads can only be processed on ordinary lathes without punching machines. Processing with round steel is difficult, material waste is large, tool loss is large, and efficiency is low. The purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a non-standard circular flat pad lathe processing fixture, which is suitable for the production of various non-standard circular flat pads. Yueluo is realized in this way. It includes a hollow square support, a bolt and a circular machining groove. It is characterized in that a circular machining groove is left on one surface of the hollow square support. There are 4 bolts evenly connected. The advantages of Yueluo are: 1. Reduce the difficulty of processing; 2. Save materials (can use corner waste); 3. Reduce tool wear; 4. Improve production efficiency.


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