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We have more than ten years of screw industry production experience, the main products are: spring pin cotter pin, color plated square nut, 16 building formwork pin, hexagonal head thin rod screw, carbon steel machine screw, stainless steel triangle anti-theft screw, pull rod wing Post aerial nut, handle ball nut, cross flat round head screw nut for children's crib, lengthened cylinder head bolt, washer flat washer, tooth bar lengthened screw hexagonal nut column, round head small aluminum column large head shrink rod round double Fasteners such as internal thread set nuts, flanged external hexagon screws, white M gaskets, etc., due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if you need, please contact us.

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In order to achieve this purpose, the rivet nut is cold extruded from low carbon steel, the brim is cold forged, the deformed skirt is extruded in the die, and the threaded hole is extruded at the lower end of the deformed skirt. It is characterized in that it consists of a brim, a deformed skirt and a threaded hole. There are fish teeth below the brim; the outer side of the lower end of the threaded hole has a lead angle; the cross section of the thread on the inner wall of the threaded hole is an isosceles trapezoid, and the upper bottom of the trapezoid is a concave arc. Thus, the riveted object is tightly connected with the rivet nut.

Customized non-standard screws

Pin riveting is an important procedure in the production process. At first, people used manual work, which has low production efficiency, high production cost, and high defect rate of products produced. Later, a pin riveting machine appeared. The pin riveting machine is a For riveting and pinning of hardware products, the pin riveting machine can complete the operation of pin loading and riveting pins, and the pin riveting machine reduces the process of pin loading and riveting pins in the hardware production process. However, its structural design is unreasonable and the operation is very inconvenient

step screw

hand screw

The slotted nut mainly refers to the hexagonal slotted nut, that is, the slot is machined above the hexagonal nut. It is used in conjunction with screw bolts with holes and cotter pins to prevent the relative rotation of the bolts and nuts, see GB6178 ~ 6181 and so on.


Since the HDS series is a disc spring that can be folded or overlapped. The combination of the butt joint can increase the deformation of the disc spring group, and the combination of the overlapping method can increase the spring force of the disc spring group. The ideal installation method is to flatten as much as possible. The closer it is to the flattened state, the faster the tension torque increases, and the proper bolt tension can be obtained without a torque wrench.


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