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We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: hand-tightened copper studs, rivets, hex head plastic bolts, swing ring bolts, hexagon socket carbon steel hexagon bolts, carbon steel galvanized screws, marine hardware Lifting ring screws, rearview mirror conversion screws, cup head socket head cap screws and bolts, supply hardware precision hand-tight nuts, spring pins, aluminum hexagonal spacer column top column double-headed inner teeth, outer diameter 5.4 negative, comes with intermediate bolts , ASMEB18.2.3 carbon steel galvanized bolts and other fasteners, due to different product materials and specifications, prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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Screw head table

The tie rod and joint of the high-voltage isolating switch are often connected by driving an elastic cylindrical pin into the connecting pin hole. The traditional assembly method is to prevent the tie rod and joint from the V-block, and hold the elastic cylindrical pin to align the connecting pin hole. Then hit it with a hammer. Since the elastic cylindrical pin is small, it is easy to injure people's hands by adopting this assembly method, and at the same time, the elastic cylindrical pin is not positioned accurately, which causes large assembly errors and low assembly efficiency.

Processing eye screws

The anti-rotation T-bolt includes a screw rod and a head. An anti-rotation protrusion is designed at the connection between the head and the screw. The cross-section of the anti-rotation protrusion is a square corner with the screw radius as the side length. One anti-rotation protruding shoot can be designed, or two can be designed. In order to ensure the uniform force of the bolt, two are designed.



The blind rivet is realized by pulling the core head. With the help of a force from the inside to the outside, under the action of the unidirectional pulling force, the pulling screw is pulled upwards, which causes the outer collar material to expand and deform, resulting in a sexual tightening force. , After the riveting is completed, the tension screw in the middle part breaks and falls out. Since a large pulling force is required to cause the rivet to expand and deform, the tensile screw is longer and accounts for about 60-80% of the total length of the rivet. At the same time, due to the limitation of the deformation mode, it is difficult for the blind rivet to be made into a hexagonal structure like a rivet nut, so the torsion resistance of its connection is low.


Generally, the bolts or nuts used to press workpieces or fixtures in the T-slot of the machine tool table are made into square or rectangle. Things are very inconvenient.


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