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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: copper elastic washer, through-hole blind hole cover type round, dense thread screw, butterfly spring washer, cup head extension screw screw, pin fixing pin, hexagonal flat spring Pad screws, copper flat round head rivets, non-standard fastener screws, positioning pins with holes, model aircraft frame, C-class square nuts, special-shaped expansion bolts, nickel-plated square nuts, pressure plate inner thread studs and other fasteners, Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, please contact us if necessary.

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Screw head table

The anti-theft screw of this structure has two disadvantages. One is that the polygonal block moves up and down in the polygonal hole, and the polygonal hole in the connecting piece and the polygonal hole on the threaded part have no limit structure. Because of the polygonal structure, the two If the polygonal holes of the parts cannot be aligned, dislocation occurs, and any edge may block the up and down movement of the polygonal block, which is very unsmooth during use. The second is that the shell of the lock cylinder and the hexagonal part are connected by pins, and the pins are exposed on the hexagonal parts, which are easily damaged and leave opportunities for theft; once the pin is pried off, the lock cylinder will be taken out, and the entire anti-theft screw will be lost. and the pin fixation is sometimes unstable, which is detrimental to theft.

Customized non-standard self-tapping screws

The circlip travel mechanism includes a travel cylinder and a travel plate connected with the push rod of the travel cylinder; the travel air cylinder can control the travel plate to be inserted into the circlip press-out and positioning mechanism, and the circlip lifting and tightening mechanism; the travel plate The surface of the device is provided with a groove for placing the circlip; the height of the groove is the height of one circlip.

Cylinder head screw

Hexagon socket self-tapping point tail screw

Drilling screw is a new invention of people in recent years. A screw is a common term for fasteners, an everyday colloquial language. The tail of the drill tail screw is in the shape of a drill tail or a pointed tail, and no auxiliary processing is required. Drilling, tapping and locking can be directly carried out on the setting material and basic material, which greatly saves construction time. Compared with ordinary screws, its toughness and pull-out force and maintenance force are high, and it will not loosen for a long time after combination. It is easy to use safe drilling and tapping in one operation. Drill tail screw Drill tail screw use: It is a kind of screw, mainly used in the fixing of color steel tiles of steel structures, and can also be used for thin plate fixing of simple buildings. It cannot be used for metal-to-metal bonding. Materials and models The materials are iron and stainless steel, of which stainless steel is divided into various materials. Models are: Φ4.2/ Φ4.8/ Φ5.5/ Φ6.3mm, the specific length can be agreed upon request. According to the different drill tails, it can be divided into: round head rice / cross / plum blossom, countersunk head (flat head) / rice seed / cross / plum blossom, hexagonal washer, round head washer (big flat head), horn head, etc.


The slotted nut needs to be fixed with a cotter pin through the slot of the slotted nut, and the cotter pin must pass through the middle of the screw to fix the slotted nut. Usually, both ends of the screw need to be drilled, the diameter of the hole and the size of the slotted nut. The width and depth of the slot determine the size of the cotter pin. When the selected screw, cotter pin and slotted nut are relatively matched, the nut is fixed by the screw, so that the slotted nut does not loosen. This hexagonal slotted nut has the characteristics of high strength and is not easy to loosen when subjected to vibration. It is mainly used in occasions with vibration and shock, such as front and rear axles of automobiles, lifting equipment, presses and die-casting machines.


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