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We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: aluminum natural color long nut, self-tapping expansion screw, lifting ring screw nut, lifting lug screw nut, countersunk head torx screw, locking nylon self-locking screw cap, cap seven star Hand Tighten Knob Lock Nut, Metal Black Spring, Computer Case Hexagonal Copper Stud Nut, Metric and Inch Nut, Light Coil Pin, German Standard U Bolt, JISB1180 Screw, Carbon Steel Nickel Plated European Standard T Nut, Flat Head With Post Fasteners with needle bolts, iron butterfly screws, etc., due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different. If you need it, please contact us.

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Today's advanced manufacturing represented by large aircraft, large power generation equipment, automobiles, high-speed trains, large ships, and large complete sets of equipment has entered an important development direction. As a result, fasteners will enter an important stage of development. High-strength bolts are used for the connection of important machinery, and repeated disassembly or various installation torque methods require extremely high-strength bolts. Therefore, the quality of its surface condition and thread accuracy will directly affect the service life and safety of the host. In order to improve the friction coefficient and avoid corrosion, seizure or sticking during use, the technical requirements stipulate that the surface should be treated with nickel phosphorus plating. The thickness of the coating is guaranteed to be within the range of 0.02 to 0.03 mm, and the coating is uniform, dense, and free of pinholes.

Customized black nylon gasket

Advantages of anti-loose washers 1. Ensure that the clamping force of the connection is still maintained under strong vibration, which is better than fasteners that rely on friction to come from the lock; 2. Prevent the loosening of bolts caused by vibration, which no longer occurs due to fasteners related problems caused by loosening; 3. No special installation work is required, and it is easy to install and disassemble; 4. The temperature changes will not make the connector loose; 5. Durable; 6. Reusable.

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Flat Washers

The installation of the pressure riveting nut is exquisite. If the installation method is not correct, the riveting will not be firm after the pressure riveting. For example, one of our customers reported that the nut would fall off after riveting. Our technicians found that many customers hit it with a hammer or other impact methods, because the installation method of the riveting nut will cause pressure. The uneven force of the rivet nut seriously affects the riveting effect. It looks like it is pressed in on the surface, but in fact, the flower teeth of the rivet nut are not riveted with the plate at all, so it is definitely not riveted. To install the rivet nut, you must use special installation equipment, or simply install it with a press and stamping equipment (generally factories will have these simple equipment).

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Stainless steel fastener product size standards: specify the content of the basic size of the product; threaded products. Not the standard in terms of product technical conditions. Specifically, it includes the following standards: Standard for fastener product tolerance: specifies the content of product size tolerance and geometric tolerance. Standards for mechanical properties of fastener products: specify the marking method of product mechanical property grades, as well as the content of mechanical property items and requirements; some fastener products change this content to product material properties or work performance. content. Standards for surface defects of fastener products: specify the types of surface defects and specific requirements of products. Surface treatment standards for fastener products: specify the types and specific requirements of product surface treatment. Fastener product test standards: specify the test content of the above-mentioned various performance requirements. Standards for product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging of stainless steel fasteners: Standards for fastener product marking methods: specify the content of complete product marking methods and simplified marking methods. Other standards for stainless steel fasteners: such as fastener terminology standards, fastener product weight standards, etc.

High temperature plastic gasket

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