Customized 304 stainless steel fisheye gasket concave and convex gasket hollow bowl gasket decorative gasket

We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: manganese steel gaskets, non-standard washers, American standard K cap nuts, 304 countersunk head bolts, 20 screws, 1mm fine thread nuts, DIN931 bolts, serial computer screws, Hand percussion rivets GB867 aluminum dome head rivets, 304 round head socket head cap screws and bolts, plum handle star handle screws and screws, German standard DIN125 gaskets, T-slot screw screws, non-standard mesons, ISO8752 and other fasteners , Due to the different materials and specifications of the products, the prices are also different, if necessary, please contact us.

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The traditional dismantling of automobile girder rivets is mostly carried out manually, which has many defects such as long disassembly time, low disassembly efficiency, labor-intensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive, low operation safety, difficult protection, and easy injury.

Customized 304 stainless steel

The technical solution adopted by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. to solve its technical problems is: a waterproof rivet, including an integrally formed waterproof cap and a rivet rod for waterproofing, and the waterproof cap includes a lower part that is fixedly connected with the rivet rod. An end face, the lower end face includes a fixing portion arranged in order from the center position of the lower end face to the outside, a buffer portion arranged circumferentially with the fixing portion as the center, and a waterproof portion arranged circumferentially with the fixing portion as the center, the fixing portion and the rivet The rods are fixedly connected, and the section of the waterproof part is a figure-eight shape.

fisheye gasket

Concave and convex gasket

With the continuous improvement of road facilities, guardrails are set up in the middle of the roads in most cities at the separation of the upper and lower lanes. At the same time, guardrails are also set up between the motor vehicle lane and the non-motor vehicle lane. The bottom of the guardrail column is set with a base, and the base is usually made of If the steel nail is fixed, the deformation hole should be drilled on the asphalt road first, and then the steel nail should be knocked into the deformation hole. Because the outer wall of the steel nail is cylindrical, the friction force on the ground is small, and the guardrail is affected by the deformation. When the external impact force occurs, the steel nails are easily detached from the asphalt road, making the road guardrail lose its fixation. In some places, expansion screws are used to fix the railings, but during the tightening process of the expansion screws, the expansion pieces are opened by the force of the ejector rod, and the opening angle is small. Limited, the railing will still fall down when subjected to a large impact. Therefore, it is necessary to design a special screw for fixing the railing on the asphalt road.

hollow bowl gasket

Yueluo's thin plate rivet method, the thickness of the metal thin plate is less than 0.8mm. The convex rib extrudes the metal sheet adjacent to the rivet hole. The protruding rib is annular, and the protruding rib surrounds the rivet. The rivet head is provided with a positioning structure, the rivet head is provided with a positioning structure for docking the positioning structure, and the positioning structure and the positioning structure are mutually butted through the rivet to align the convex rib with the rivet

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